Yashica Project- Red, White, and You

This year the town of Oroville, CA was one of two winners of the Red, White, and You contest by Destination America. They won an event held at the Oroville Dam with free food and fireworks. The fireworks were set off over the sad looking Lake Oroville. The water level in the lake is very low due to the drought. It seems to win the contest the town has to be going through difficult times. Oroville has had to cancel their fireworks the last few years from a lack of funds and has been suffering from the drought. The firework show was pretty good. Luckily it wasn’t as hot as it had been the days before the fourth. I think it only got to 95 degrees. The event had free bottles of water but the heat and amount of walking helped them run out quickly.

I only shot one roll each of TMAX and Portra. The Portra still needs to be sent off to the lab.

Details: Yashica Mat LM, Kodak TMAX 100, Fomadon R09 1:100 1 hr semi stand

Up the Hill

SchwagBall Park Franks Hot Dog   Iced Tea  Flags Balloon MakerFlag AccessoryWaiting for Fireworks


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