Women’s Tour of California 2015- Stage 3

The last stage of the Women’s Tour of California was a circuit race in downtown Sacramento. The first men’s stage started and finished in the same place so there was a bigger crowd than in Tahoe. The location was the same as last year but the course was different. I didn’t realize it wasn’t the shorter crit course until the first lap. I had been planning on making my way around to whole course but ended up just staying on one side of the circuit. I really enjoy this stage and hanging out around the capital. I doubt they’ll go back to it a third year but I hope they do.

I used a Canon AE-1 for the action and two Yashicas, an Electro 35 GSN and Mat LM, for everything else. The color film is all Kodak Portra 400 @ 320. The black and white is TMAX 100.

BMW Happy Tooth warm up


BMC bikes

Bike Prep Rapha coffee

ATOC watching

BMW happy toothBoards  Spectate

atoc peloton

ATOC womenATOC peloton


1052293749.2 1052301357

(The stage was on Mother’s Day)

1052301244 ATOC corner1052301033 1052293892 1052293862 1052293828 1052293786 1052301403 1052301394 women's tour of california 1052301614 10526020551052297169     1052297300

img812-2  img826-2 img827-2  img811-2

watching1052297205 10525833701052575960  1052297526 10522974201052565974ATOC




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