Tour of California

Cycling is my favorite thing to photograph. Normally I shoot with my DSLR but for the Amgen Tour of California I decided to shoot film instead. I could only make it to the first stage of the race in 2014; the year before I shot three stages. Luckily, the first stage was near me because it was the women’s circuit race and I prefer focusing on women’s cycling. This year I am planning on attending all the women’s stages. I used black and white film because that is what I normally work with and, at the time, was learning to develop myself. In the future I plan on shooting cycling on color film (when I don’t use digital). Cycling is a very colorful sport and the black and white didn’t really do it justice.

Today I will be posting shots taken with my Canon AE-1 and Petri Racer. This was only the second time I shot with the Petri and it was the last. Tomorrow I will post my Yashica shots of the spectacle (as MFS would say).

Details: Canon AE-1, Ilford HP5+ 400, Fomadon R09 1:25 8 min

img220 img224img229img228 img235 img242 img239 img243Petri Racer, not sure on the film or developer. I don’t have the notes on this roll nearby

img259.2 img247.2 img249.2 img258.2


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