Yashica Project- Roller Derby

Back in August I took my Yashica Mat LM and Canon AE-1 with me to watch a roller derby match (are they called matches?). It was my first time at roller derby and coming from a skating background I was very impressed. It looked brutal but the girls were good skaters. I shot one roll of TMAX 400 at 1600 in each camera. I used the AE-1 to meter for both since the light meter in my Yashica is broken.

Though this was shot in August I didn’t develop it until two days ago. I still haven’t developed the 35 mm. I love my Yashica and mostly shoot 120 so my 35 mm reel loading skills are lacking. I usually end up with large crescents all over my images from crinkling the film. I pushed the film to 1600 using Ilfotec DD-X 1:4 for 13 minutes and 45 seconds. The starting temperature of the developer was only 65°F and the room temp was even lower so I decided to add some time to the development. The recommended time was 13 minutes. I left the film to dry overnight in my shower but my bathroom gets very cold. When I went to check it in the morning I found that the film was still tacky. This is when I dropped it. Worst time to drop film. Part of it landed in the shower and hit water drops creating nice dark marks on the images. Most of it just got covered in dust. This is easily the biggest mistake I have made since I started home processing a year ago. I still can’t believe I dropped it. The images below have some rough photoshop dust removal, just don’t look too close.

It was very dark in the rink. I tried to catch the girls as they skated under a few of the bright lights. Looking back I wish I had shot one of the rolls at 3200 to see how TMAX 400 responds to being pushed that high.




Roller Derby

roller derby


3 thoughts on “Yashica Project- Roller Derby

  1. right on another person doing it at home awesome 🙂 the old skewl way…
    i especially like using rollers at home an the blix 2 step metod for colr also…
    anly takes a few minutes is a very kewl way to go if ya do ur own @ home
    right on right on like ur stuff keep on keepin on . peace-out frum da’ Q

      1. color 2 minute system i found out in rollers was even easier than b & w an saves one lotsa $$$ if ya shoot a lot..tip of the day be patient an let things dry normally dont use squeegees lol…. i destroyed 40 pics straight up with one swipe of a good brand wiper that accidentally attracted a grain of whatknot… have a splendid one thanks for chattin back keep on keepon on with the kewl shoots , an always take more than one camera lol.. peace-out

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