52 Weeks- Pre Week 1

Happy New Year! As my resolution for 2015 I am going to shoot at least one roll of film every week. To keep things interesting I’m going to do The Daily Post’s Photo Challenge. A new theme is posted each week. Most challenges encourage or require people to only post new photos shot after the announcement of the theme, however most of the people who do this one seem to just dig in their archives for something. I will only be posting new images. Just to warn you some of my posts, the first for example, may be late. I don’t always process my film in a timely manner so hopefully trying to keep up with weekly photo posts will help speed things up. I may have some rolls still sitting around from October…

The first theme of 2015 is “New”. I have not shot anything for it yet and am also waiting for new fixer as I am completely out. Hopefully it won’t start a trend but my first post will be a week late.

I am hoping to shoot each weekly theme in black and white with my Yashica Mat LM.

For now, here is my best friends new baby girl.

Baby Clara

This was shot with my Canon AE-1 using Kodak Portra 400 and developed by The Darkroom


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