Yashica Project- Chico Tweed Ride

Back in November I took my Yashica Mat LM to a fun local event called the Chico Tweed Ride. Everyone dresses up in tweed or early 20th century attire and ride bikes through the park to a picnic. People really embraced the spirit of the event. The one negative thing I could say about it is that I think phones should be banned from this event. Everyone had out their cell phones to take pictures. It just didn’t fit. Unsurprisingly, I was the only film shooter.

It’s fun looking back almost eight months later. At the time this was shot I was still getting to know my camera and photography in general. I feel like I have grown a lot as a photographer.  This was shot before I had my own darkroom set up (which is why one roll is color). Both rolls were processed by The Darkroom.


889647087 889647205 889646979

889648242 889647830 889647906 889648079 889648383 889648303


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