Yashica Project- Sarah

I knew when I bought my Yashica that I would want to learn to process the film myself. I was planning on getting a scanner and not dealing with printing. But that was before I got a complete darkroom on Craigslist for $50. It came with a black and white enlarger so that’s what I’ll be focusing on. ¬†Since I will be printing at home I am learning the Zone System. I chose to learn the zone system because A.-my darkroom came with a book about it, and B.-so far I haven’t like the contrast in my black and white images. It currently feels similar to wading through mud.

After the car show the next roll of black and white film I shot was a complete disaster. The contrast ended up incredibly high and the entire roll was exposed wrong. I skipped sending this roll to the lab for about three months so I just got it back. Because of it I can see the benefits of the zone system.

In a trip down to LA I went to the beach with two friends and shot some portraits. They turned out to be some of my favorite images that I’ve shot so far. Luckily my friend Sarah is very photogenic and loves posing.

897407734 897407751 897406871 897406876 897406883 897406894 897406903


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