Yashica Project- At the Park

Shooting with film takes a lot more attention to detail. With digital you can take a picture, look at it, and then fix it in another shot. There were plenty of mistakes on my first rolls. Some shots were out of focus, had slightly crooked horizons, or were exposed wrong. The image appears reversed on the viewing screen and it has been an adjustment getting used to it. I still have trouble focusing. I have been focusing almost exclusively based on distance to my subject. I need to replace the ground glass and focusing screen.

The next two rolls of film I shot were of a car show and my nephew at the park. At the car show I forgot to reset my light meter so all the shots are under exposed. Luckily I made that mistake early and now am unlikely to repeat it.

I was expecting to want to shoot in black and white more than color but it’s actually the opposite. I love the color of Kodak Ektar and Portra film.

13380007 12890005 12890007 12890009 12890010 13380001 13380003 13380004 13380005


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