Yashica Project #1

I had been wanting a TLR for some time when I saw one sitting behind the register at a local thrift store. I asked the cashier if I could see the camera and she didn’t even know what I was referring to. It was a Yashica Mat LM which were made around 1959. I had never heard of it but after fifteen minutes of research I decided to get it.

The next day I bought film and a light meter online. The LM in the camera name stands for light meter but the only damage to the camera was on the light meter knob. Two weeks later I was able to start shooting (after receiving my light meter I had to order new batteries for it). I shot four rolls without knowing if the camera was working. The first roll I sent to the lab got lost in the mail and I made the mistake of not paying extra for scans. Finally, six weeks after buying the camera I got my first images back and confirmation that my Yashica is in good working order. I quickly fell in love with analog photography.

Some images from my first rolls-


13390012 13390003 82680012 82680009 82680010 12880003


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